Process & System Improvement

At Boston Industrial, we optimize workflow, reduce waste and increase productivity through observation, analysis, brainstorming, and implementation of Lean based philosophies.

Lean Manufacturing

We train and educate the workforce on Lean Manufacturing Principles and advanced techniques. “Lean” manufacturing is a methodology for driving operational efficiency internal involvement to identify waste and establish a culture of continuous improvement. To implement a Lean Manufacturing program, Boston Industrial can:

  • Employ “5S” and Value Stream Map Tools
  • Demonstrate and organize Kaizen events
  • Develop KPI and metrics using the SMART method
  • Create a road-map to establish Lean sustainability

Operational Excellence

Data drives decisions that lead to operational excellence. At Boston Industrial we use a process-entailed Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) for collecting and standardizing data for our analytics and modeling. Operational data such as labor time studies, storage utilization, and throughput is transformed into usable information through a vetting process, ensuring accurate data that will translate into valuable statistics. Client analytics are generated to develop KPIs, identify opportunities, validate concepts and create Return-on-Investment (ROI) .

Industrial Engineering

Our first step in every Industrial Engineering project is observation and discovery, where Boston Industrial’s consultants thoroughly investigate the current operation, leveraging internal resources to gain a full understanding. Documentation is created, reviewed and validated with the project team. Process improvement concepts are developed and brainstormed, and leading improvement ideas receive consensus with the client’s internal team. Additional data may be collected through time studies or operational data to quantify benefits. A final report is generated to document the entire process, and provide analysis, recommendations and an implementation plan.

Workflow Optimization

Boston Industrial has over two decades of experience in workflow optimization with a diverse client base. Each project begins with an in-depth understanding of current practices and requirements. From this information, inventory management, forecasting and obsolescence issues are extracted and addressed. Opportunities for optimization quickly become apparent and quantifiable, and we introduce solutions that can include better demand forecasting tools, vendor management activities and removal of obsolete inventory.

Technology Enhancements

Technology can improve efficiency when approached with clear and concise methodology. Our approach is to identify needs, select proper hardware and software, and then effectively deploy it. This process leads to a proficient implementation giving our clients a competitive advantage. Boston Industrial’s technology services include:

  • Identify system gaps and summarize in a detailed gap analysis
  • Develop an in-depth functionality matrix able to relay specific technology needs to any vendor
  • Create a plan for full scale implementations of:
    • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
    • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
    • Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
    • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
    • Demand Planning Systems (DP)
    • Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions
    • Document interface requirements between existing systems and new systems (SAP, Oracle, etc.)
    • Specify, select and manage vendors throughout implementation