Master Planning

Boston Industrial orchestrates successful industrial facility design projects from concept through vendor selection to full turnkey implementation.

Consolidation & Expansions

Consolidation and expansion of operations is a large and extremely complex undertaking. Boston Industrial provides extensive experience in many phases of such projects:
Optimal operations layout and work processes

  • Schedule development and monitoring
  • Building selection, planning and option analysis
  • Budget supervision and adherence through negotiation and problem solving
  • Full project management and coordination of architects, vendors and construction teams

Master Planning and Programing

At Boston Industrial, Master Planning and Programming begins with operational needs assessments that includes documentation of important design assumptions, goals and project constraints. Our rigorous concept generation phase captures all potential opportunities for improvement and focuses on short and long-term project goals. Plans include detailed future state layouts, process descriptions and capital investment plans for ease of execution and project management.

Move It & Improve It

When a company relocates, there is no better time to implement and improve process efficiency. Workflow of product through a facility can be drastically improved by creating an efficient layout and material handling system resulting in labor and inventory reduction and improved customer service. Boston Industrial’s services achieve such improvements by implementing new processes and improved procurement, demand forecasting strategies, and inventory management for receiving, put-away, replenishment, and cycle counting.

Plant Layout

Boston Industrial uses Systematic Layout Planning as the backbone of facility-based projects. Our design process encourages client participation throughout the engagement, beginning with execution of a square footage analysis of current and proposed space. Our consultants facilitate the selection of an appropriately sized site and building based on programming needs and growth expectations. Detailed layouts are created based on workflow and operational optimization.

Project Management

At Boston Industrial, effective implementation of a project is performed through collaboration, planning, and hands-on involvement. Large-scale projects – including automation installation, building consolidation or software implementations – require constant supervision and monitoring to ensure success. Our goal is to lead, manage and advocate for our clients, keeping their interests at the forefront of every project. This attention to detail enables clients to effectively communicate with vendors, shortening their design phase and learning curve.