Material Handling and Automation

Boston Industrial Consulting’s material handling consultants are experts in applying Lean Manufacturing principles and techniques to increase efficiencies and reduce waste related to product movement, inspection, storage and distribution. Recognizing that the material handling system that works best for any given manufacturer is as unique as the manufacturer itself. Working with you, our team of experts can:

  • Analyze existing systems
  • Recommend alternative handling methods
  • Evaluate possible options including manual, semi-automated and fully automated systems
  • Demonstrate system options through our material handling simulation services
  • Procure, test and oversee installation of software, hardware and technologies

Our material handling consultants manage the complexities of integrating multi-vendor automation systems and re-engineering of your distribution center’s existing material handling processes. From automated pick and sorting systems to conveyors, carousels and Warehouse Management Systems, we identify the proper combination of systems and process solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.