AGV and Robotic Systems in Manufacturing

Wondering how Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Automated Lift Trucks (ALT) or other Robotic systems could transform your manufacturing or distribution operations? A few years ago it may have been hard to envision a self-driving robot working in everyday life, but consider something so common as the iRobot Roomba. These mobile, self-propelled, and self-navigating vacuum... read more »

Top Reasons to Use Warehouse Simulation Software

Is your company considering making improvements to eliminate slowdowns or bottlenecks, or adding new equipment? Are you considering a consolidation, expansion, or a need to change the supply chain? If you are looking for a low-cost, low-risk option before investing in any major changes, then warehouse simulation software, run by experienced industrial experts, may... read more »

Use Your Square Footage Wisely

Does your distribution center, warehouse, or manufacturing operation need to make better use of the space it currently occupies? Or perhaps, your company has seen some growth and you are considering whether a move to a larger facility would be beneficial? Boston Industrial Consulting can help your company decide what would be the best... read more »

Challenges in Finding that ‘One-Size Fits All’ Solution

In today’s competitive market space, change is the only constant. Retailers and wholesalers are subject to maintaining an increasingly high level of customer service to remain competitive. Successful order fulfillment remains a top priority, and that can lead to issues attempting to accommodate an ever-increasing SKU base in a constant warehouse footprint. Distribution centers... read more »