DaVita Rx

DaVita Rx has three mail order pharmacies in the US, serving patients and clinics across all 50 states. DaVita Rx primarily handles drugs associated with end-state renal disease, but also provides added value to patients through the management of all prescription medications, drastically reducing multiple pharmacy and hospital visits.

Boston Industrial has partnered on two projects to date with DaVita Rx, the first being a 5-year strategic plan encompassing all aspects of DaVita Rx’s dispensing operations. Each site was toured and documented, and data was captured and analyzed. BI’s consultants participated in a number of internal discussions and provided feedback regarding ongoing software initiatives. Our team, working closely with DaVita Rx management and operational staff to brainstorm and develop a solution, generated their 5-year plan.

One major component of the strategic plan was the expansion of DaVita Rx’s two smaller dispensing pharmacies, so that the expected rapid growth could be absorbed without disruption to the patient base. BI was tasked with generating the system specification for a fully automated dispensing pharmacy, including all equipment, storage, conveyor and software. Leveraging past projects with pharmacy automation, BI guided DaVita Rx through the specification process and put the project out to bid with a number of qualified vendors.