Vi-Jon Inc.

Vi-Jon Inc., a leading private label manufacturer of health and beauty products, contracted with Boston Industrial for supply chain consulting projects focused on cost savings.

Vi-Jon, Inc. manufactures and distributes to big box retailers including Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreens. The complex nature of its distribution network provided BI with opportunities to analyze, design and implement freight reduction measures.

Substantial savings came from a re-bid of Vi-Jon’s existing freight contracts. BI orchestrated the freight re-bid from start to finish, including vendor communications, on-site negotiations and contract reviews.  A number of advanced models were performed to predict the impact to freight costs and balance the awarded lanes to various carriers.

Subsequent studies were undertaken to further optimize Vi-Jon’s complex supply chain, including an analysis that rationalized Vi-Jon’s internal network and the origin points for various customers and product lines. We generated a logistics model for Vi-Jon’s largest customer to utilize synergies between the two companies. The study helped Vi-Jon and its customers combine freight networks to create the most efficient transportation model.