Brooks Brothers

Southwick Clothing LLC, a division of Brooks Brothers, has been manufacturing distinctive, high-quality men’s clothing since 1929. Southwick’s apparel is known for its elegant yet understated style and craftsmanship, and has been sported by high-profile leaders and businessmen since the company’s inception. Southwick recently expanded its manufacturing operations to 140,000sf at 25 Computer Drive in Haverhill. The building was formerly a Lowe’s Retail Store and was renovated to a manufacturing facility.

Boston Industrial was hired by Southwick as the project’s Industrial Engineering Consultant. The overall goal was to design the lines for greater capacity, and utilize Lean Manufacturing concepts throughout the operation, driving labor and cost down. After several months of programming, layout development, pricing, and permitting, construction began in September of 2014 and occupancy occurred in August 2015.

Building renovations included modifications for new automated cutting equipment, press lines and a new steam boiler. An existing finished goods mezzanine was repurposed and relocated as well. The facility now has new LED lighting throughout, resealed concrete slab, and improved electrical distribution. The facility was recently profiled on being one of the most productive manufacturing facilities in the Northeast, as well as one of the most efficient in the entire Brooks Brothers manufacturing network. To take a video tour of the operation, click here.