Affordable Interior Systems (AIS)

With the selection of a location for its consolidated manufacturing operation, the design and implementation of bringing four manufacturing and parts warehouses under one roof commenced. The first order of business was forming an internal project team for Affordable Interior Systems (AIS). This process is one of the most critical and important decisions in creating a plan for a successful project. It requires the designation of a senior management participant to act as the project champion and decision maker. Under this corporate champion, a project manager was designated to coordinate the various corporate departments and interested parties into a cohesive and directed team.

Boston Industrial was brought on board by AIS as the industrial engineering consultant to assist in the development of a layout for the facility. When consolidating the various AIS operations, it was critical to develop a detailed inventory of existing equipment and its corresponding utility requirements, as well as a workflow analysis of the various production processes.

Boston Industrial provided layouts with data reinforcing their efficiencies in workflow productivity and economic gains. BI also prepared the analytical analysis and overall review to the Master Plan, detailed equipment layouts, and supporting infrastructure requirements being developed by AIS. This detailed level of documentation is critical for a successful move coordination. The equipment was moved in an organized sequence with utility locations specified and brought in place for immediate connection and start-up.

In completing the design for the facility, Boston Industrial helped establish overall project goals that included developing a manufacturing process that did not require fork-lift assistance, a layout that would allow for 25 percent productivity increase in manufacturing efficiency, creating a safe and clean work environment to improve employee work experience and productivity, and establishing a schedule and budget.