Boston Scientific Corporation

In 2002, Boston Industrial (BI) first entered into a business partnership with Boston Scientific Corp. (BSC) – a world-class leader in medical device manufacturing and quality patient care – for the design and implementation of its manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world.

The relationship has continued to grow with the recent successful completion of a state-of-art global distribution center in Quincy, MA. The new automated distribution center involved a full overhaul of its technology, software, and systems integration methodology.

In early 2010, BSC involved Boston Industrial in the optimization of outbound operations for the new DC, to allow for quicker turn-around times and increased volume while maintaining Six Sigma accuracy. BI worked with the operations team to define business requirements for the outbound operation, and presented alternative material handling methods and designs to meet the business needs.

As part of the study, our team provided cost analyses and justification for the design solution and developed automation specifications for material handling and software systems. Working with BSC during the bid process, we managed vendor procurement, coordinated the selection process, oversaw vendor MHE Installation, and assisted in software integration testing and validation of the software / equipment installation.