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Lean Process Improvement

    The concept behind Lean Process Improvement can be traced back hundreds of years to early Chinese civilizations where it was essential for survival to design parts for crossbows that could easily be replaced during battle. Even in more modern times, Lean Improvements have drastically changed the way people do business. For example,... read more »

Using Business Intelligence (BI) for Operational Efficiency

A key driver here at Boston Industrial Consulting is to help our clients “Work Smarter.” This means our engineers use their expertise to find ways to optimize design of distribution facilities, lean manufacturing, and operations improvement. When data turns into information, value is maximized and insight is gained; in short, we use Business Intelligence... read more »
Robotic Arms
If You Move It, Improve It

If you Move It, Improve It!

If You Move It, Improve It
Move It, Improve It may sound like a new exercise craze sweeping the nation, but in the world of manufacturing and production it stresses that a successful relocation project is not just moving the operation, but using the opportunity to gain long term cost and efficiency benefits. The phrase Move It, Improve It comes... read more »