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Use Your Square Footage Wisely

Does your distribution center, warehouse, or manufacturing operation need to make better use of the space it currently occupies? Or perhaps, your company has seen some growth and you are considering whether a move to a larger facility would be beneficial? Boston Industrial Consulting can help your company decide what would be the best... read more »

Challenges in Finding that ‘One-Size Fits All’ Solution

In today’s competitive market space, change is the only constant. Retailers and wholesalers are subject to maintaining an increasingly high level of customer service to remain competitive. Successful order fulfillment remains a top priority, and that can lead to issues attempting to accommodate an ever-increasing SKU base in a constant warehouse footprint. Distribution centers... read more »

Lean Process Improvement

    The concept behind Lean Process Improvement can be traced back hundreds of years to early Chinese civilizations where it was essential for survival to design parts for crossbows that could easily be replaced during battle. Even in more modern times, Lean Improvements have drastically changed the way people do business. For example,... read more »