Operational Audits for Efficiency

The mere mention of the word audit tends to send people spiraling into an absolute panic. For many, the idea of an audit conjures up negative images of an accountant pouring over ledgers, where results can often have an unfavorable conclusion. However, these are not the only types of audits. Operational audits are meant to be forward thinking and a positive part of the future of any company, and should be a critical part of any business improvement toolkit. A good operational audit should diagnose which areas need attention and improvement. In short, an operational audit for efficiency asks the ultimate question – “how are the processes of a business working and how could they improve?”

Organizations of every type – whether they are government, manufacturers, banks, construction companies, or hospitals – all need to comprehend where they are doing well, and where they need to improve to achieve sustainable growth or cost reductions. Many companies conduct periodic operational audits to find ways to improve performance, including dimensions of quality, efficiency, customer value, and cost. While companies often have managers or business leadership review the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and procedures within the company, many times an outside perspective with a wide range of experience and expertise can create a different approach. And find different and overlooked solutions.

No matter what field you specialize in, our team here at Boston Industrial Consulting can complete an operational audit of your processes and procedures to assist in determining what future steps should be considered to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operation. Whether the audit is being conducted to address a specific concern or an overall review, each audit begins with an in-depth information gathering process. We examine the “how” and “why” behind each area of an operation, such as production, inspection, storage, and delivery. In addition to our experience, we utilize specialized software to study and identify areas of improvement, inefficiencies, wasted time and space. With a team approach and brainstorming sessions, a strategy is developed to implement improvements throughout an operation, including evaluations of live testing demonstrations.

Boston Industrial Consulting prides itself on 20 plus years of helping companies with operational audits and establishing a culture of continuous improvement. Call BIC at (978) 739-0399 or visit our website at BIC to find out more about teaming up for your operational audit.