Workflow Improvements to Save Money and Become More Efficient

Ask any business leader about how to boost production and efficiency and one of the first things out of their mouth will likely be streamlining workflow, whether the business deals with industrial manufacturing, distribution, or transportation processes. The design of these types of facilities is much more than the actual look, but rather geared toward the optimization of the workflow from station to station. This optimization can translate into cost savings and make the production much more efficient. Here is some of the work that BIC does to improve our client’s workspaces.

  • Operational Needs Assessment – One of the first steps in improving workflow is completing an operation needs assessment. Our engineers here at BIC are uniquely qualified to observe current practices to gain insight into: your company’s goals, current workflow processes, a full understanding of your industry, as well as the personality of your company. We become a trusted advisor and a fresh set of eyes on your operation to complete a thorough assessment of what is going on regarding the existing workflow. We ask the essential question: are there areas that can be streamlined, combined, adjusted, or otherwise improved?
  • Potential Solutions – Once we have analyzed the current situation, we identify and demonstrate cost-saving and efficiency-improving solutions first-hand through our operations and distribution center simulation services. We can also take the lead on vendor selection, technology testing, and new systems implementation to improve overall workflow.
  • Implementation – Not only does BIC recommend changes, we are there to see to the fully implemented changes as well. Engineers at BIC coordinate system procurement and implementation with multiple vendors. From “start to finish” we can study the situation, recommend solutions, and see it through to complete installation and workflow analytics here at BIC.


Boston Industrial has over two decades of experience in workflow optimization with a diverse client base. Each project begins with an in-depth understanding of current practices and requirements. Opportunities for optimization quickly become apparent and quantifiable, and we introduce solutions that can include better demand forecasting tools, vendor management activities and removal of obsolete inventory. Call BIC at (978) 739-0399 or visit our website at BIC to find out more about workflow improvements for your company.