Voice Picking Provides BIC Clients with Operational Scale and Order Accuracy

Boston Industrial Voice Picking Technology

Voice picking technology has become a proven solution to reduce pick costs and improve customer service. Over the past few years, BIC has recommended and led many voice pick implementations, all with very good to spectacular results. This technology is not free, nor without business challenges that are experienced during planning and implementation; our experience in Voice Picking has helped clients achieve success in addressing their needs.

Distribution and fulfillment managers are often challenged with reducing operational costs while supporting higher volumes and improving customer service levels. In order to accomplish these goals, technology accelerators such as Voice Picking are often the best solution to increase efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. This technology works for operations that are both growing and constricting; it can be added to a WCS, WES and a WMS solution. Processing higher volumes or increasing SKUs often proves difficult and expensive with paper based workflows; Voice picking offers clients the flexibility to scale with higher pick productivity, hands-free directed workflows, and reduced training time.

Order picking accuracy is a critical component of supporting profitable growth and maintaining a healthy customer relationship. Picking errors not only impact customer satisfaction, but also carry a high operational cost. The implementation of voice picking has been proven to increase order picking accuracy to as high as 99.98%, often accomplished by scanning or voice confirming the correct product number, UPC, or pick location with immediate feedback.
The decision to implement any technology based solution is often a challenging process to undertake. With so many technology options, it is often difficult to ensure the best technology choice to maximize return-on-investment is made. Management needs assurance that the technology projects realize the highest productivity improvements while maintaining a low overall cost of ownership. BIC has successfully helped clients navigate this decision and implementation process including evaluating the cost benefit of multiple options, defining system interface requirements, developing new processes and procedures, and facilitating vendor selection.

In the pipeline:


  • BIC has been recently hired by 3 fast growing, US based manufacturers to expand production capabilities, each with unique products to manufacture – Sunglasses, LiDAR Systems and Robotics for Semi-Conductors.
  • BIC is proud to be a part of the planning and executing of Lipari Foods new 252,000sf Freezer and Ambient Operation planned for a July 10th start-up.
  • BIC was recently a proud Elite Sponsor of The Simpson Cup, a Wounded Warrior Ryder Cup Qualifier for wounded veterans in Salem, MA on June 20th.