Simulation is Driving Productivity and Efficiency for BI Clients

simcad-sortation-conveyor  warehouse-example

Today’s competitive market requires manufacturers and retailers to reduce headcount and increase throughput. This move in the market has been more sharply felt recently, and has driven a surge in companies seeking technology solutions. With it comes added costs and greater emphasis on software, along with more risk of a successful implementation. As a result, the number of requests to provide assurance of design performance through simulation is rising at BI.

One recent example involved designing and validating a conveyance system for a Bio-technology client to automate delivery and take-away of toted product in a Clean Room environment. This process was not only new to the company, but it was a key component of the design in their new, state-of-the-art facility in New England.  Simulation of the design was a key step in developing and optimizing the new automation equipment. Simulation allowed many ‘what if’ scenarios to be performed, leading to a higher level of utilization of the system and improvements in the control logic of the system design.  BI has proven that implementing the automated conveyance systems will double the hourly throughput rate versus the current operation.  In addition to proof of concept, the simulation has shown other benefits as well including:

  1. Communication of system functionality to potential equipment vendors
  2. Value engineering of system cost and functionality
  3. Optimizing work scheduling and staffing requirements

The simulation modeling process has enabled Boston Industrial and its clients to make significant improvements in throughput and productivity while reducing cycle time and inventory on-hand. The tool BI uses to simulate environments and operations is CreatASoft’s SimCad Pro. We are pleased to say that utilizing simulation is one of the many strategies we help our clients ‘Solve it Smarter’.




In the Pipeline:

  • BI is currently working with the non-profit group Cradles to Crayons to improve and expand their business operation.
  • BI was recently hired to perform an Operational Audit for Lipari Foods in Warren, MI. This is our second client working in conjunction with Sterling Investment Partners of Westport, CT.