Mobile Pallet Racking – A Creative Way to Save Space.


Increasing rent costs and growing inventories have recently driven many of Boston Industrial’s clients to re-evaluate storage systems to drive ‘square footage per pallet’ downward. As operations look for creative methods to save space, and shift investments from ‘bricks and mortar’ to equipment, more clients are looking at Mobile Pallet Racking to meet those needs.

BI is currently working with four clients to tighten warehouse space, create extra room for materials, and consolidate off-site storage. This solution allows racking sections to move on tracks to create aisles where needed, thus eliminating a majority of the aisles required in a traditional warehouse design. This system provides a level of flexibility with substantial increased capacity. Some specific benefits our clients have found with these systems include:

  1. Using Mobile Pallet Racking would allow one client to consolidate all off-site storage into a newly designed cold chain facility, increasing storage density by 70% and significantly reducing energy costs.
  1. For another client, a Pallet Count increase from 8,280 to 11,550 using Mobile Pallet Racking would equate to a 38% increase in storage capacity within their existing facility for slower moving and lower turn inventory.
  1. The implementation of Mobile Pallet Racking for another client would result in a 64% decrease in square footage required within their warehouse expansion, allowing for increased storage capacity within the same footprint.

These are examples of possible results:

  • Traditional Warehouse Layout mobile-pallet-rack-layout_traditional_01
  • 100% Increased Capacity mobile-pallet-rack-layout_increase-capacity_01
  • 44% Space Reduction mobile-pallet-rack-layout_space-reduction_01

Mobile Pallet Racking systems are gaining popularity because they are a cost effective solution and can easily retrofit into an existing application and take consolidation, expansion, or a Build-to-Suit facility into consideration. Over the years, these systems have evolved to provide a variety of installation, storage, and capacity options thus becoming a solution that BI can custom fit to a specific client’s needs, goals, and facility capabilities.

In the pipeline:
  • Boston Industrial is proud to welcome Bharat Kulkarni to our team! 
  • BIC recently celebrated the completion of a Manufacturing Innovation Center in Boston for a leading software company. After the ribbon cutting, we will provide greater insight to this unique space.