Subaru’s High Efficiency Distribution Center Opens to Rave Reviews!

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The Grand Opening of Subaru of New England’s new LEED Platinum Certified Building is set for April 14th. We look forward to sharing this momentous occasion with special guest Governor Charlie Baker.

Boston Industrial was hired by Subaru of New England to evaluate their distribution operation and develop an efficient design for their new Norwood MA Parts Depot facility. The facility needed to accommodate Subaru’s expanding business and provide a more ‘Lean’ approach to parts receiving, picking and shipping.  

BI worked with Subaru of New England to understand their size requirements for future operations, including storage, picking and pack/shipping functions. The evaluation and recommendations encompassed new equipment, process and systems, including a new Warehouse Management System and Inventory Management functionality. BI used internal, customer unique tools to determine the proper equipment to handle a wide variety of distinctively sized products that lead to an accurate understanding of square footage requirements. The design of the system requires a high level of automation to meet the volume demands of the business, while providing a flexible design for future operations. BI developed an ROI model that allows Subaru to fit into a smaller footprint by using taller, narrow aisle technology, coupled with automation of pick and pack operations. BI also created a customized slotting model for the AS/RS and Vertical Lift Module technology that was implemented at Subaru.  

Since the start of the construction, BI has worked closely with Subaru of New England through the procurement and implementation of warehouse equipment, software and picking technologies. BI was consulted to guide the transition from the existing to the new facility. Subaru of New England has been successful in their transition because of an organized layout and location system, resulting in a dramatic increase in order turnaround time. The new facility has allowed Subaru of New England to continue to serve its new and existing customers in a more accurate and efficient manner. Boston Industrial is excited for the opportunity to continue our relationship with Subaru of New England as business needs and customer demands continue to increase.