Southwick / Brooks Brothers “Setting Their Own Trend”

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There’s perhaps no bigger example of an economic boost in this state caused by ‘reshoring’ (or the trend to move overseas manufacturing back to the U.S.) than Southwick Corporation in Haverhill, MA. A manufacturer of American-made garments for Brooks Brothers and other clothing labels, Southwick recently expanded its manufacturing operations to 140,000sf at 25 Computer Drive. The building was formerly a Lowe’s Retail Store and was renovated to a manufacturing facility.

After being purchased by Brooks Brothers in 2009, Southwick moved into a 90,000sf clothing manufacturing plant at 20 Computer Drive. Six years later, Southwick had outgrown the existing space. To accommodate Southwick’s expanding operations, 25 Computer Drive was renovated. What’s notable is Southwick’s recommitment to manufacturing on ‘home turf’.

Boston Industrial was hired by Southwick as the project’s Industrial Engineering Consultant. After several months of programming, pricing, and permitting, construction began in September of 2014 and occupancy occurred in August 2015.

Building renovations included modifications for new automated cutting equipment, press lines and a new steam boiler. An existing finished goods mezzanine was repurposed and relocated as well. The facility now has new LED lighting throughout, resealed concrete slab, and improved electrical distribution.

Since 1929, Southwick’s business philosophy has been firmly grounded in the singular vision of its founders – quality and craftsmanship. Made in the USA, Southwick is synonymous with authentic American style, natural comfort, quality, and fine fabrics; worn by presidents, ambassadors, corporate leaders and other men of distinction who chose Southwick to enhance their own style, not replace it.